The aim of the Center for Transhumanist Studies is to provide a program for lifelong learning that is immediate, accessible, and continually updating. The Introduction to Transhumanism is packed full of information for all levels of learning. Its value is that it provides a history of transhumanism, where ideas that form the worldview came from, key achievements over the decades, and future aims. Our new Knowledge Accelerator is a Master Class for those who either completed our first course or simply want to join in and work with us and share their work and skills.

This program examines the primary ideas that define the philosophy, emphasizing its views on human evolution, social change, emerging technologies, longevity sciences, healthy ecology, and the future potential of humanity. The program also seeks to innovate ideas through emerging technologies for longevity and visionary innovations such as what might the future look like and how could AI change our lives and environments. Ethics plays an important part as we discuss the pros and cons of human interactions with AI and AGI, nanotechnology, other advances in technology might develop.

Our portfolio of knowledge includes learning about transhumanist research that reaches across science, technology, philosophy, ethics and the arts, to develop a practical approach responsive to our changing understanding of ourselves and the world. The cultural movement of transhumanism continues to grow worldwide and as it grows, we need the most up-to-date knowledge, skilled foresight and reflective inquiry to grow as well. How better to accomplish this goal than to study transhumanism!

Dr. Natasha Vita-More

Course #1 Introduction to Transhumanism Advanced Studies

In the first course, we will show you how to sharpen the accuracy of your understanding about the content, history and core ideas of transhumanism. Rather than relying on second-hand information, we start at the center of the knowledge network with primary sources, original ideas and contributions to the philosophy.

This knowledge will help you identify facts from misleading opinion and participate in discussions, debates and advocacy of emerging innovative science and technology, human potential for today and the future.

By the end of this this course, you can inform others and contribute in ways you have never thought of before.

So, click here and let's get started!

Dr. Natasha Vita-More

Course #2 Knowledge Accelerator

Our learning team crosses continents, with learners in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, Central and South America, and Eastern Europe. We provide a Studies Group at student requests, hold a monthly Studies Group via Zoom, and also at conferences internationally.

Our methodology is applied forethought with a learning model that offers three methods in its 50-25-25 curricula: (1) 50% immersive learning environment (lectures, presentations, and resources); (2) 25% project-based iterative study; and (3) 25% open-form discussion and debate (aligned with a Monthly Studies Group, also known as the H+ Academy Roundtable).

Course Available now. Join us to participate in projects, such as our H+ Academy Roundtable and other projects we can collaborate on. To participate you need to contact us or make sure that you have opted in for email from us.

Who are Lifelong Learners?

Our members are from across the world from diverse backgrounds and fields of study, experience, and careers. There is no minimum or maximum age! Some of us hold a Doctorate PhD and others are just starting university and college level programs, while others skipped advanced programs altogether and became entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, innovators, and artists.

Lifelong learners are from formal and informal studies and research and enjoy continuous development and advancement of knowledge and skills for their careers and personal enjoyment.

Our program includes weekly Studies Groups via Zoom, participating in the H+ Academy Roundtables, sponsorship for project-based initiatives, and opportunities to meet our faculty advisors and well-known advocates in their respective industries.

Discussion & Debate

Transhumanist Studies invites its team to participate in the monthly and bi-monthly H+ Academy Roundtables. Topics cover advances in Science, Technology, Philosophy and the Arts.

Projects & Ideas

Prototypes for games, virtual worlds, and ideas that can be collaborative projects about longevity, AGI, and an array of visional stories about the future!

Erasmus Scholars

Enjoying exchanging ideas from different countries on life extension helps build worldwide advocacy and learn how others are thinking about aging interventions.

About the Founder:

As a university professor, I have taught in the Departments of the Humanities & Social Sciences, Communications, Business & Innovation, Future Studies & Foresight, Communications, and Ethics of Technology.

These diverse fields have helped my scholarship in developing the Syllabus and the course curriculum for Transhumanist Studies, my aim has been to inspire a world where science, technology, philosophy and the arts spur an ever-evolving knowledge quest for brainy, challenging, and invigorating ideas. Let's all keep learning, growing, improving, sharing, and creating a better world!

— Natasha Vita-More, Ph.D.

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The rapid pace of emerging technologies is playing an increasingly important role in overcoming fundamental human limitations.

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Featured article "The Exploading Science of Superlongevity" with Natasha Vita-More uncovers the field of longevity and the future poential of humanity.

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Biomedical research is advancing in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease with new therapies for preserving health and extending life. Society needs to be informed about benefits and consequences.