Our Learning Team!

The Knowledge Accelerator reaches across Africa, Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, North America, and South America. We hope you support our aims for a spreading knowledge, supporting diversity and collaboration, and making lifelong learning a #1 priority in transhumanism as our movement continues to grow. Let’s grow smarter now. So, how about signing up here for the Spring launch of this Master Class program!

Learning Methodology

Open Registration, Spring 2023.

The Knowledge Accelerator methodology is applied foresight with a learning model that offers (1) 50% focused learning with lectures, presentations, and resources; (2) 25% project-based learning; and (3) 25% collaborative learning with discussion and debate. We want to help you realize your ideas and turn them into valued projects.

Artificial Intelligence

We engage leading thinkers on technology, such as AI, AGI, nanotechnology, nanomedicine, biotechnology, encryption, virtual worlds, just to name a few!

World Issues & Society

The world is transforming. We focus on critical and creative relationships between diverse ecosystems, ethics of fairness, and applied foresight concerning opportunities and risks on the horizon that benefit secular values and impartiality.

Our Future Possibilities

People want to live long, healthy lives. A core focus is learning about longevity, the anti-aging movement, biomedical therapies, and solutions to aging.